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Les Eclosions Asynchrones

Les Eclosions Asynchrones

Auto-édition, romans, poésie, spiritualité

Publié le par philippe souchet
Publié dans : #Poèmes
( Ce texte de jeunesse était une chanson, inspirée par l'importance du rôle du cheval, jusqu'à la divinisation, dans la culture Celte.)

Clouds are going fast
In the stormy sky
The hungry waves are waiting
For the winter sun

There's a big standing stone
Where my father died
It showed him the way
To the Great Horse's Land

He must be running
He must be hunting
Where the sun never sets
And where spring never goes

There's a big standing stone
In front of  my door
It told me « hello ! »
The day of my birth

Women are singing
To welcome the night
Soon a new soul will appear
From The Great Horse's Land

"Earth Mother
I need your strength to keep honest
And your patience to be the best
And your patience to be the best

- Oh, my son !
You've got to walk in the middle
Between indifference and battle

Between indifference and battle"

in "Les Eclosions Asynchrones" - dépôt SNAC n° 8-0222

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