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Les Eclosions Asynchrones

Les Eclosions Asynchrones

Auto-édition, romans, poésie, spiritualité

Publié le par P.S.
Publié dans : #Poèmes
crédit photo: http://rangiroadivingcenter.unblog.fr/requins-sharks/

crédit photo: http://rangiroadivingcenter.unblog.fr/requins-sharks/


The sharks are dancing all around
In their smooth and peaceful ballet.
Magnificent in every way,
Nature's wonders always astound.

In this charming wilderness,
You let their babies play and poke.
You like their game, tickle and joke
The dawn of their aggressiveness.

From time to time, a little bite :
They test their jaws and your weakness.
But can you feel in the darkness
Some shadows of a deeper night ?

Have you forgotten the old tales
Of the fishermen and their dread ?
That if you move at the wrong pace,
Or bleed a single drop, you're dead...


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Oh !! What a surprise to read you in english verses :) Poetry is a another nice way to improve (my) english...;)
About sharps, there are none so deaf as those who will not hear that still waters run deep...and you're right: always remember itself the words of old fishermen before venturing to cross the Rubicon.. Thanks..a lot
Hello Ela !
La déesse inspiration a des commandements impérieux, souvent mystérieux, qui ordonnent même parfois de changer de langue, on ne sait trop pourquoi... Elle a dû trouver que "bébé requin", ça faisait trop mignon pour le propos !
Sur les autres plate-formes, je ne publie qu'en français, mais ici " j'ai le droit ! " ;-)
Bonnes fêtes de fin d'année à vous et à vos proches !